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Natural Turquoise Earrings with three Earrings

Natural Turquoise Earrings with three Earrings

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Material: Turquoise, 925 silver.
Size: The diameter of the turquoise semi-circular ring face is about 2.8mm, and the diameter of the base is about 4.4mm,
1. Earrings with 925 silver earplugs;
2. The length of the ear wire is about 6.5cm;
3. The diameter of the ear loop needle is about 0.9mm, and it is more difficult for those with smaller ear holes to wear it.
Note: Naturally optimized turquoise has different shades of color. The edge of the ear studs has a sense of irregularity by hand knocking, and does not emphasize the smooth polishing effect, which echoes the natural characteristics of natural stones.

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