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Welcome! Thanks for taking the time to visit Mama Jojo One Stop Shop formerly Utopia Africa Designs established in 2008, Minnesota and now Maryland, USA.
I wear many hats/roles. I thought about creating  Mama Jojo One Stop Shop where I can provide  goods and and all the services within my expertise. This birthed  Mama Jojo One Stop Shop a unique business model where our  lovely, beautiful and supportive customers will make only just one stop and get quality good and services at affordable prices. As I provide quality goods and services, I will also be providing information on where parents can get scholarships for their children, women empowerment conferences, youth conferences, coaching,  employment opportunities plus more.  As I work my way to become a healthier me , via mediums of the different fasting methods, I will blog my journey share tips as well as sell different packages, natural heath products and other remedies to improve  your health and eliminate illnesses of all kinds.   As a small minority woman owned business. This is my personal model of a One Shop Stop. I have a dedicated team of  Subject Matter experts on my team. You are in the right One Stop Shop. 
I am the  mother of one biological sassy , opinionated young adult  College student daughter Utopia but mother to every child who crosses my path, encouraging, mentoring and empowering . A lover to only one kind, patient and understanding man who loves and accepts me with all my many imperfections. I love to dance, read, travel, write ,teach, build websites, ( my latest challenge I am now engaged in is building Apps) but most of all, my main passion is humanitarian projects. Since migrating to the United States of America, I have led so many efforts in collecting  and shipping  food  and  school supplies just name it, I get involved. Some of my efforts include Haiti and Liberia where I travel and live in the village with village kids once a year.  I am also currently the founder and Executive Director of Dorcas Works International (501c3) , Founder of Parents Against Student loans and  Founder of Over 45 and Fit where we dance, lift weights, talk about women health and have fun.  I am also an author. I wear many hats very well but I always remember to pray, fast,  dance , rest ,smile and treat people as I want to be treated.  Mama Jojo One Stop Shop is your central repository of it all. 
Your purchases touch so many  lives in so many different ways and I do appreciate you and your business and once again, I say thank you so much for believing in my vision and helping to make this dream come true

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