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Mama Jojo Yoni Steam 100% Natural

Mama Jojo Yoni Steam 100% Natural

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Detoxification and beauty, uterine maintenance, ovarian maintenance, menstrual conditioning, endocrine regulation. 

Daily Care Maintenance

Condition before and after menstrual Period.

Suggested Usage

Steam 3 Days out the week. Start with one bag each use. 

1 bag per use 10 bags is the max cycle a month

Put 1 bag of yoni steam into boiled water for 10 minutes. Let it steam and stand.

5 minutes before seating

Pour the steam water into the steaming seat, steam for 40 to 60 minutes. Wash squeeze tube on vagina sitting on the steam seat for 10 minutes when the water is warm. 

Vulva can be washed with steam water a week after childbirth. 


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