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Mama Jojo Rosemary Extract - 50 mL

Mama Jojo Rosemary Extract - 50 mL

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Rosemary Extract, a natural extract also referred to by the botanical name Rosmarinus officinalis L. Rosemary extract is CO2 extracted from the bark of the rosemary plant. It is a yellow-green to brown powder supplied in the carrier sunflower seed oil.

Rosemary extract has a lovely aroma that is a little bit like sweet lavender and a bit woody pine scent with a touch of eucalyptus. It has a number of benefits. Some research shows that inhaling rosemary oil helps improve brain function by preventing the breakdown of acetylcholine. Rosemary oil applied to your hair stimulates and helps with alopecia. It reduces stress and anxiety. It helps with mental clarity and focus. Using it as a massage oil reduces joint pain and swelling. Inhaled it also treats congestion and respiratory problems. It is also a natural insect repellant.

Rosemary extract is less potent than the rosemary essential oil and used favorably in cooking. Rosemary may be taken internally as a source of antioxidants. Our rosemary extract contains a minimum of 5% Carnosic Acid, the active component and antioxidant of this material found in both rosemary and sage. Rosemary Extract has a number of topical applications in the cosmetic industry such as moisturizing creams, facial ointments and haircare products. It is excellent for DIY as it extends the shelf life of carrier oils and anhydrous (no water) homemade formulations. (But if the product pH is higher than 8.5, it will not be an effective antioxidant.) Get all the benefits of Rosemary extract today!

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