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Colors Of Africa Kwanzaa Kinara

Colors Of Africa Kwanzaa Kinara

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Colors Of Africa Kwanzaa Kinara

Celebrate Kwanzaa with the Colors Of Africa Kwanzaa Kinara. Kwanzaa is an annual celebration of African-American culture. From December 26th to January 1st, it focuses on African-American history and serves as a holiday to bring the family and community together. Each night focuses on a different principle to help educate and inspire. Participants also enjoy music, feasts, poetry and more—how you choose to celebrate is up to you.

This unique, bold kinara, which holds the 7 candles for each night of Kwanzaa, lets you celebrate in style. It is painted in the Pan-African colors of red, black, and green with a central picture of the African continent in the same colors. Pan-Africanism is the ideology that black people around the world have common interests and should unite. Kwanzaa was created as a part of this ideology.

Celebrate this special black holiday with the Colors of Africa kinara. Measures 14.5" wide and 5" tall. Base is 5.75" long and 3" wide.

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