Mama Jojo-Get to Know Me

My name is Joanna (Mama Jojo). I am originally from Liberia, West Africa and have resided now in the United States of America for over two decades. 
I have owned and operated Utopia Africa Designs since 2008.   I knew I wanted to grow and do more. I thought about a space/ business model where I can offer all the services I provide for free and also my goods and services  I sell all in on place. This birthed the Idea of of Mama Jojo One Stop Shop.  I am the mother of one sassy, opinionated, young adult daughter Utopia. 
Here in this space, you will find all the collections of everything I sell, the services I provide and also my non-profit efforts. When you visit Mama Jojo One Stop Shop, you will have no need to look elsewhere. 
I wear many hats and would be bringing you all in just one space. 
I am Notary Public within the State of Maryland, a Real Estate Agent, A Gut Health Coach, An intermittent Fasting Coach,  A Zoom Pro, A shopify expert, I build websites, an author plus more. 
I also have a non profit Dorcas Works International 501c3, founder of Parents Against Student Loans (where you will find employment opportunities and scholarships, college counseling plus more all free to parents). Finally,  I am also the Founder of Over 45 and Fit ( dance workout program for women Over 45-but anyone can join our dance party). As you can see this is your minority owned one stop shop providing services and selling everything in one space.  I have hired a group of subject matter experts to help make this experience and journey a useful and fruitful one. 
May be an image of one or more people, sunglasses, turban and outdoors
Thanks you so much for taking your time to get to know me. The journey begins.
Mama Jojo